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Adhesive labels are comprised of three layers – primer silicone (bearing) material, adhesive material and the top layer. The top layer may be produced of paper, foil or other special materials. In the offer of our company, you can find self-sealing labels varying from the most basic non-printed monochrome labels to polychromatic graphic labels enhanced by paint, lamination, embossment, relief embossment and seriography. Our company is able to provide solutions incorporating different perforational cuts, sandwich labels, printing into the adhesive material, reverse label printing (print into a glue), neutralization of the adhesive material. Our company provides a possibility to deliver the labels on A4 sheets.



An aesthetic label can enhance the covers of your products.

Polychrome labels are graphic labels, which create a part of the product cover. Apart from bearing relevant information about the product, their aesthetic value is also important in terms of creating the product image. This type of labels can be used in industrial product labeling, they also play big role in advertising. The technology used by our company allows us to create polychrome labels using up to eight different colours.
Thanks to the possibility of second running through the machine, the number of colours multiplies and the enhancing device enhances the labels by stamping, embossing and seriography.

Paint, lamination, embossment, relief embossment and relief printing can enhance the labels used especially in the food and cosmetics industry.
Polychrome labels offer a wide variety of possible choices:

  • any shape

  • paint surfacing – matted or lustrous paint, partial or complete

  • lamination surfacing

  • embossment (metallic, colour)

  • embossing, relief printing

  • reverse label printing

  • printing into the adhesive material

  • neutralization of the adhesive material


Monochrome non-print labels are usually meant for further printing of variable information directly at the operations. It is important to chose a suitable adhesives and other material to ensure the best quality and durability according to the usage environment. Our company produces labels from basic matted material, through semi-lustrous and lustrous materials, thermo-materials, up to special humidity, grease and aggressive environment resistant labels. Apart from coil labels, our company is able to produce fold-up labels, divided by perforation as well as labels with intricate sectorial cuts into the primer material (silicone).

Most frequently produced kinds of monochrome non-print labels:

  • logistics labels

  • thermo-labels with longitunidal and transverse perforation

  • table labels with EDV

  • sandwich labels

  • labels with intricate sectorial cuts


We have finishing machines for cutting and rewinding for the finishing and final processing of label rolls. Our latest finishing machine Grafisk Maskinfabrik DC 330 Mini has other functions in addition to cutting and cutting the production from the digital machine to the final rolls. It enables more efficient processing of logistics labels on one machine and, by taking advantage of the semi-rotation cut-out, it can regulate the inter-label gap. It has a flexoaggregate usable for printing 1 UV ink, partial varnishing, cold stamping or finishing labels with matt, glossy and holographic lamination.

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