Dear business partners, friends!


Following the outbreak of the pandemic, we took measures to protect our employees and all those involved in the process of manufacturing and delivering our products. We have challenged our employees to behave responsibly even in time and space away from work.

Although the situation has changed in the meantime and we have been able to abandon the strictest restrictions, we are not abandoning the precautionary principle. Therefore, we ask you to continue to respect our regulations restricting the entry of foreign persons into our production premises when taking over the goods.


At present, the delivery dates of raw materials have relatively stabilized, but we cannot estimate whether and how the situation will change in connection with the expected 3rd wave. Therefore, we urge you to continue placing orders well in advance. Dispatch of products is ensured every day either by our delivery or by using courier services.


 In the case of personal collection by the customer's employees in our operation, the following applies:

                Entrance to the company premises is allowed only with a veil after announcing the bell at the gate.

                The goods are taken over in the outdoor environment, or at the entrance to the building in the part of the expedition.

                Documents (delivery note, or others) are usually on the pallet next to the goods.

                A hand sanitizer for use prior to contact with documents is also available to the transferee.

                Customers who go after deliveries of the Palotype company stay in the outdoor environment, report the expedition to which company it                     is, and then the expedient hands over the delivery to them.


 Let us wish each other good health, a lot of patience and mutual consideration.