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Requirements for graphic materials

Data delivery medium:

- CD-Rom, DVD MAC: * .sit

- iomega ZIP 100 MB, 250 MB

- e-mail, FTP ( - name and password on request)


File compression:

PC: * .zip, * .rar

MAC: * .sit

Graphic formats:

Corel Draw to version X4

Adobe Illustrator for CS4

Adobe Photoshop to CS4


General requirements:

Graphics must be supplied in layers. For each graphic, please add a preview file in pdf or jpg.

Printable point: minimum 5%, maximum 100%

Grid value: 54 lcm

Drop height: 2mm

Minimum text size - positive effects: 4pt

negative: 4.5pt

multicolor: 5pt

Minimum thickness of lines - positive for: 0.1 mm

negative: 0.15mm

multicolor: 0.2mm

Vector graphics:

1. If a bitmap image is used in the graphic, it is required. also deliver it separately according to the bitmap requirements

2. For graphics, the texts must be converted to curves (in which case the font used must be defined) or supplied using. fonts fonts

3. Pantone colors

Bitmap graphics:

1. Permissible form.ty: * .tif, * .psd, * .eps

2. Bitmap data in 1: 1 scale

3. 300 dpi resolution

4. color space: CMYK or LAB

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