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The author of the idea

In other months and even years, we probably all feel that the world and everything in it spins faster.

As the holiday season approaches, we feel it even more strongly. The working week goes by quickly

and the weekend even more so. It is therefore important to handle time and energy wisely. And not

only as efficiently as possible in the work sphere, but also pleasantly and satisfyingly in the private

sphere. At ALFOPA, we try to keep this in mind and contribute to the well-being of our partners

through flexible communication. So that we don't feel the acceleration of life at least in the summer months, let's wish each other that we can perceive and successfully fulfill summer work duties only as a distraction during vacation time.

The label, either self-adhesive or shrink-wrapped, from our "workshop" is usually the last point in the process of finalizing your products. However, the more experienced know that its preparation has its

justification at the beginning of the process. The idea of ​​the packaging and labelling of the finished

product is drawn from the specification of its composition and method of use. The form, colour,

dosage, even the emotion that the product evokes or is supposed to evoke in the consumer, all of

this should be embodied in what the customer perceives first - in the label. That's what designers and graphic artists are for, but mainly authors of ideas. And so that the finished label captures your

message, we offer you various options from material to shape, colour and finishing. We are pleased

when you can express well what you need from us, and we can produce and deliver a nice realization

of your ideas.

We wish you months full of sunny days, rest and well-being. Find inspiration for new projects -

become the author of an idea - and gain the strength to implement them. Let the summer mood

accompany you even when dealing with work challenges.

Have a nice summer.

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