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Digital printing - a supplement or a full-fledged production technology?

Digital printing is an alternative to flexographic printing, which requires the processing and production of printing forms and is therefore suitable for large-scale production. Digital printing is an affordable option for printing smaller series of labels. Quite small quantities, which are not intended for labeling lines, are printed on a sheet-fed printer. On the other hand, we produce labels for labeling products in application lines on a digital printing machine on a roll-to-roll basis, similar to flexo printing. We work with roll input material and deliver finished labels cut on rolls suitable for labeling lines. Various label shapes can be achieved either by processing the printed strip on a rotary die-cutting machine, or on a plotter, which can also process printed sheets of self-adhesive paper. Digital printing offers high-quality resulting labels with high resolution images and text. Regardless of the number of labels, each one is an exact reproduction of the original graphic. In addition to the graphic motif and shape, the aesthetic value of the final label is also completed by the choice of printed material and the final finishing of the label surface. The advantage of our mixed operation of flexo printing and digital printing is the possibility to offer customers an ideal alternative of printing techniques or their combination.

Come see for yourself, we'll be happy to show you around.

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