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Why labels from us?

The answer would be that we know something that no one else knows, but that would not be true. But we know something that is worth it.

When you call, you will hear a willing voice that will be happy to arrange what it requires. You will also feel a smile over the phone.

When you write, we will answer you, advise you and invite you to join us.

When you come to us, you will meet with willingness, home and at the same time professional environment, we will offer you coffee, tea to taste or water, a nice word and sometimes even a cake for that. By the way, we are known for a good coffee. But all this just to make the business meeting more comfortable.

It is important that we listen to you and find a solution to your requirements. We will also answer any questions you may not ask. We will promptly make available our experience, transformed into a tailor-made offer.

And if we still did not meet your request, we will of course look for another solution with you. If we don't find him, we'll direct you to where they're most likely to find him.

We cordially invite you to Košice on 15 Napájadlá Street.

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