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What in the New Year

I have not met a person who said that the year 2022 would be slow, or even dragged on.

Most of us perceive this time as very fast. We deal with changes on a daily basis. The products, their packaging, content and appearance of the labels are changing. The conditions in which these changes are implemented are changing.

In the past months, changes in availability and rising prices forced us to look for substitutes for original materials and ways of using them. You witnessed the shortage with us, but also quick replacement solutions. Challenges turned into results, and difficult times also brought original news.

In the field of product packaging and labeling, the efficient use of resources, satisfaction of needs and at the same time reduction of waste was manifested in the thinning of materials. The change of liners and top self-adhesive materials includes not only improved properties of their composition, but also a change in weight. These changes must be balanced so that there is no decrease in functionality in the process of manufacturing and labeling products.

Over the course of the year, you have come across proposals for alternative materials, and many of you have welcomed this solution, not only as a temporary one. As a manufacturer of self-adhesive labels, Alfopa takes over solutions from manufacturers of input self-adhesive materials. We try to make good use of what is available to us and provide you with tailor-made solutions with added value in the form of saving weight, space, consumption, transport costs.

From the beginning of the new year, we will only actually add to the adopted solutions - we will produce in a new machine. We apologize for the break and the pressure on deadlines at the end of the year and thank you for your understanding. Since the beginning of the new year, we have been working with a different schedule of work shifts and a different ordering of orders. We believe that the quality of printing will increase the added value of your products through beautiful labels.

As we promised, if more favorable conditions for the purchase of energy or basic materials arise and stabilize, we will also reflect them in our mutual trade.

We wish you a happy new year. Good according to your wishes and needs. May we all be successful in business and happy in private.

We look forward to another year of fruitful cooperation.

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