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Packaging in the circular economy

The words packaging, Zero waste, circular economy ... thank God are changing from a marketing pull to serious topics not only in the official measures of states and organizations. They become a real feature of business strategies of entrepreneurs. From the initial chaos, real measures and guidelines came to life. Someone took a mile, someone slowly cupped as hard as he knew and managed.

Being a packaging manufacturer and at the same time agreeing with the way of packaging minimization is difficult. However, it is a challenge for all manufacturers. Food and drinkers are no exception and no one has it easy.

We are glad that we have long since chosen the way of proven strong suppliers of materials. We know that on a professional basis, with great support from science and research, they are looking for new ecological materials not only in terms of composition but also in terms of functional properties.

Since all assignments need to be addressed from the ground up, the possibility of incorporating the packaging into the circulation begins with its design.

ECR (European Conservatives and Reformists) and WPO (The World Packaging Organization) have presented a "PACKAGING DESIGN FOR RECYCLING" packaging design guide. The recommendations are also intended for traders and modifications and have a change in the circular economy thanks to the design of circular packaging. The manual focuses on packaging by type (bottle, cup, etc.) and is suitable for food products as well as the non-food segment. Published tips can be used for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.

The guide can be downloaded at: or

We believe that it will inspire you and help you.

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