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Labels - self-adhesive or shrink sleeves?

Quite a simplified question. However, it is appropriate if we talk about what we would offer you. We certainly offer other products and services, but our main products are labels.

The decision on the type is largely determined by the period when the choice must be made, the type of product I need to pack and label and, of course, the availability of application technology. Other issues need to be addressed when planning a project, and others when we already have a filling and packing line and know exactly what we need.

Oriented manufacturers are clear on the issue of self-adhesive labels versus shrink sleeves, or wrap around labels. They already know that if they need a sticker, the basis of the specification is based on the purpose of its use, to define the environment and conditions it should withstand and the surface on which it should stick. Then they decide whether the self-adhesive label will be made of paper or foil, with what glue or surface, or and how it should be refined with regard to purpose and design. We will advise inexperienced and beginning manufacturers on how to make decisions.

If the label is also intended to fulfill a protective function, or to copy the shape of the product, then the choice is usually a shrink sleeve. In addition to providing a wealth of consumer information, it can appeal to full-frame graphics. Perforation along the entire length simplifies the separation of waste after use, double perforation facilitates the removal of the seal. The art of using various printing effects, combined with original graphics, can make the product packaging a small work of art.

Let us make works of art from your products. You are welcome with us.

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