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How about a new project?

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Thank you for accepting our invitation.

Everyone, without exception, will enjoy a favorable response or praise. And it basically doesn't matter what it's about. So we were pleased with the visit, which responded to the invitation to coffee. And when the result of such a meeting is an order and the customer is convinced that his requirements will be met, it's great.

Ideally, the customer's perception is so clear that reviewing requirements is a matter of answering routine questions.

However, when a project is born, when even the customer is not yet clear about everything, it is more difficult. We are aware that in such a case, the supplier must be even more support and source of information for the customer.

Clear clarification of possibilities and their combination is a basic prerequisite for successful design and creation of the final product.

It also happens to you that after years of experience and the belief that every procedure has already been described and tested in practice, you will still be surprised by something? I think yes. Whether it's Murphy's Law or an accidental unpredictable combination of circumstances, sometimes the situation can surprise us.

How to avoid such situations?

One option is testing. Test the operation of the label (material, size) on a specific filling line with a specific packaging before completing graphics and text of the label. This can save unpleasant surprises and at the same time expand the range of questions we need to answer from the customer.

Come and let us help you.

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