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Full color labels and branding

Full color labels are an important branding tool. They are visually attractive labels that help highlight the product and at the same time present the company for which they are produced. Full-color labels should be designed to correspond with the essence of the brand. A well-made label makes the consumer want to buy the product and at the same time builds brand awareness.

The use of the logo contributes significantly to the support and visibility of the brand. A logo is one of the key elements of branding and as one of its most important parts it can be a visual connection to the product. The logo is usually depicted on the label using clearly defined brand colors, which in most cases requires the use of direct colors according to the manufacturer's approved logo manual. Targeted use of colors at the same time as additional information on the label leads to brand support.

In our production, we have 2 technologies for the production of full-color labels - flexo printing and digital printing. With both technologies, it is possible to create high-quality labels that meet the criteria used for branding support.

The advantage of flexo printing is its ability to create full-color labels in a wide range of PANTONE colors. Also, flexo printing is more suitable for large projects, where the production of printing forms (stamps) becomes economically advantageous in relation to the price of the label.

Digital printing is an affordable option for full-color labels in smaller series. Digital printing is capable of creating full-color labels with balanced color quality during repeated production.

Labels can be enhanced with various enhancement techniques. Our production technology also has several methods of refining, which are mostly, but not exclusively, used for full-color labels. Refined labels gain in quality and can make the product for which they are intended more attractive. They can also emphasize visual unity with other communication materials used by the company.

The use of full-color labels is wide. They are used to label and brand products in various industries such as food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many more. Their rich colors and high-quality processing contribute to the product's appeal and help differentiate it from the competition. Come to us, we will be happy to advise you.

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