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Christmas time

Two words common usually from the beginning of December. I do not know if it is appropriate to choose the topic of Christmas on the blog of a specialized manufacturing company.

But today we are in a high mood. We manage to maintain the good pace of production from last month, we successfully skate between dates so that we can best satisfy the requirements of our partners. And what is no less important, colleagues understood the need for extra work, we are looking for reserves in logistics, we are accelerating the pace of work in all sections. In looser moments - usually only at lunch - we brag (or complain) about how we stand with gifts, how we are limited by covid, how we look forward that we did not get it.

We are worried that we have not met in person with several business partners and friends for a long time. It will certainly please you to receive a greeting or a package by post, but it would be better to spend a pleasant time in the company of a helping partner. We are grateful for every meeting that took place not only virtually.

After these days, when everyone is catching up and looking for the not found yet, we place higher demands on all other parties. We are happy if they satisfy us, help us, move towards a more accommodating solution. Therefore, it is good that we also have a direct need to be kinder, more willing, better. The well-being is enhanced by the atmosphere completed by the Advent decoration and the joy of preparing surprises for colleagues. We enjoyed working all year and we will be happy to relax.

We wish you all to have a good feeling about the work done and to be able to enjoy in peace the Christmas time.

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