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Are you also annoyed by the delay?

When we offered you the answer to the question "Why labels from us?", we did not believe that proven processes and procedures would be hacked even more in the future. We all hoped that gradually the demand would meet the need and we would be able to serve your product packaging and labeling needs as usual.

However, the reality is different. It is frustrating to be at a loss in a situation where you are relying on meeting the confirmed date of delivery of labels and instead of a shipment of self-adhesive paper, you receive information about a further delay.

I hate it. You can imagine how terrible it is not only to accept this situation, but also to inflict it on your partners. At such a moment, a sincere apology does not help, because even this will not solve the problem, it will not solve the burning situation. Then we ask ourselves: could we have prevented it?

Through thorough and honest self-inquiry, we will discover that something could be done after all. Order early? Order more? Order elsewhere?... After all, that's what we do! However, the question here is whether we could have eliminated the deficiency in such a way. And sometimes, unfortunately, we have to admit that no, we couldn't. Perhaps precisely because our estimate of the increase was not enough, there was a lack of additional raw materials, several customers simultaneously increased the volume of their regular orders... It also happens that, despite continuous planning and ordering, the material is delivered at once and it is simply physically impossible to produce everything immediately.

What can we say for sure? That our efforts to accommodate you are sincere, that although we understand your inconvenience due to our delay, sometimes we cannot remove it. And so despite the logistics, the procedures, the arrangements, the effort, the rules, the enormous effort and the pace, we must sometimes suggest that you try to get your needs met elsewhere. We will be happy if together we can overcome unusually difficult conditions, we will be happy if you come back to us if you have to leave, but above all we will be happy if you manage to overcome adverse circumstances and achieve the fulfillment of your requirements, wherever it may be.

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