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Martina Obžerová
MILSY a.s.

"I appreciate our long-standing cooperation with an exceptional level of expertise, quality, responsibility, responsiveness, as well as humanity and kindness. A reliable partner in both good and challenging times."

Ing. Martin Lipták
PRELIKA a.s. Prešov

"Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation, prompt service and technical advice in the design, production and finalization of labels."

Ing. Eva Mazúrová
McCarter a.s.

"We have been successfully cooperating with Alfopa for more than 15 years. In addition to quality printing, we can rely on speed and willingness.

We especially appreciate the professional approach of the employees and the proactive solution to our specific requirements."

Mariana Fedorová
VAMEX, a.s., Košice

Thank you for promptness, willingness to always help, and also for the humane approach. We can still agree on the delivery of the goods to the satisfaction of both parties. Nowadays, such an approach is not a matter of course, so we appreciate it very much.

Mrs.  Šromovská
Baliareň oriešok

We thank Alfopa for the timely delivery of the labels, which were delivered according to the terms agreed with the sales department and meet our requirements. We look forward to further cooperation.

Dávid Štelmach
FITBOOM. s.r.o.

"Very good fast and nice approach right from the start. Pleasant dealings even before placing the order. We will certainly continue our cooperation."

Richard Zvolánek
Carib Seamoss s.r.o.

"I am very satisfied with the quality of the print. All communication was at a high professional level. I will count on the company Alfopa s.r.o. in the future as well."

Michaela Berzediová

"We recommend Alfopa company due to the professional and at the same time human approach of their business managers towards our marketing team and our often non-standard needs."

Prvý Zvolenský Pivovar

We are extremely satisfied with the bottle labels produced by ALFOPA. Satisfactory material, price, communication and delivery time.

We recommend :)

Matej Zamkovský

"Everything is 100% delivered and in top quality as always."



The main products of Alfopa, spol. s r. about. Košice is self-adhesive labels of various types, sleeve labels made of shrink film for a wide range of products and also the printing of foils in a roll.

We use flexographic printing machines for large-scale roll to roll production, and Konica Minolta digital printing machines for smaller series. A digital sheet printer is used for self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive sheet products.

Product packaging and labeling is an important part of finalizing the production process, the right way and parameters can facilitate and speed up logistics processes and also protect your products.

 There are many manufacturers of self-adhesive labels, but our strength is the combination of many years of experience, willingness to look for non-traditional solutions and efforts to bring customers additional services from consulting through graphic design to optimized transport. Thanks to machine innovation, today we have several types of label finishing and extended limits of printing parameters: thickness of printed roll materials ranging from 20 microns to 350 g / m2, print width 410 mm and motif length 609 mm for roll products and 1300 mm in the sheet.


ALFOPA monitors the development of modern technologies and was the first in Slovakia to introduce some innovations into its offer. Our goal is to provide an optimal solution for the diverse needs of customers in the field of packaging, labeling, logistics and promotion.

The good quality of the final product is influenced not only by modern machines and equipment, used quality materials and adhesives, but also by reliable work and consulting of our printers, technicians, managers and suppliers who have many years of experience with production and printing of labels, graphic design or shrink wrap application.

Our goal is to provide customers with solutions that take their needs into account as much as possible and enable them to excel in their field of business. We put this business vision into practice through the daily responsible work of all members of our team.

The courage to solve new tasks and to combine a friendly approach with professionalism are what we strive to characterize us.


We consider the provision of flawless products and quality services to our customers to be the main goal of Alfopa.

Already in 2007, we obtained a quality management certificate according to the ISO 9001 standard. We regularly carry out internal audits and also submit to recertification. At present, the certificate according to the EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard without development from October 2021 is valid.



The company ALFOPA, s.r.o. Košice was established in 1991 due to the enthusiasm of the founding members as a workplace of screen printing for the production of labels. In 1993, the focus of the company changed, we started with the production of self-adhesive labels by flexographic printing from roll to roll. Since 2000, we have also been producing heat-shrink sleeve labels.

Our constant mission is to meet customer requirements so that we can help them sell their product well. At the same time, our goal is to build a company that will enable our employees and owners to live a full working and private life.




ALFOPA, spol. s r.o. Košice
Napájadlá 15
04012 Košice

tel: +421 55 728 21 11-9
fax: +421 55 729 76 61

IČO: 17 077 231
IČ DPH: SK2020480715

GPS: 48.6812669N, 21.2901908E


Ing. Ľudmila Čintalanová

company director

Marianna Csomová

representative  lines for SMK

Andrea Kartiková

secretariat, SMK documentation administrator


Andrea Kartiková

personnel clerk

Marcel Klika

infrastructure manager

+421 904 900 333


Ing. Vladimír Vaško

Sales Director

+421 903 610 131

Ing. Erika Kozelová

key account manager
+421 903 611 176

Bc. Isabelle Hellebrand

business  representative
+421 911 636 427

Ing. Vladimír Strukan

obchodný zástupca

+421 911 610 237

Marián Vaško

obchodný zástupca

+421 914 335 945


Róbert Lučkai

production director

+421 911 636 405

Peter Strassburger

technologist a  purchasing logistics manager
+421 903 609 951

Mgr. Hana Szabóová

project manager
+421 911 246 401

Bc. Peter Novák

manager of repeat orders

+421 911 636 406


Marianna Csomová

economic director
+421 911 636 436

Andrea Kartiková

accountant, invoicer
+421 55 72 82 111

Mária Palkovičová

warehouse accountant
+421 55 72 82 112

Zuzana Čepkeová

supplier invoice accountant
+421 55 72 82 112


Pavol Žalobín

DTP workplace


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